Find EAN13, dimensions and weights

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  • Version updated on 22/01/2020
  • Compatibility: all PrestaShop versions above 1.3.0 (compatible 1.7)

Price : 145 € tax incl


Find the EAN code (or UPC), dimensions and weight from the product name or another text. EAN13 code is essential for marketplaces.

This module allows you to retrieve from the product name (or another text) the EAN13 code (or the UPC for North America), dimensions and weight. It uses in this way the database of marketplaces.

To use this module simply click on "Find the EAN13, dimensions and weight" (after the fields EAN13) in the product page in your backoffice. A search will be launched on the product name. You can narrow the search if the product name is not sufficiently explicit.

A list of products will be suggested with their images and prices.

Then click on the corresponding item and the EAN13 code (and UPC), dimensions and weight will be assigned to the product (no need to save the product). You can also automatically launch this search on openning of the edit page of the product.

Note: EAN13 and UPC codes are crucial for marketplaces integration.


  • Find the EAN13 or UPC code, dimensions and weight from the product name or another query
  • If you have already EAN13 and you want to find just dimensions and weight, you can use EAN13 automatically in search checking an option in configuration
  • Automatically search at the openning of the product page
  • One-click EAN13/Dimension/Weight association
  • Database totally exhaustive and up to date in real time (the module is synchronized with the remote database)
  • Databases of the following countries are available: North America / Canada, England, France, Germany, Spain and Latin America, Italy, Japan, China. But you can still use this module with other countries, but you must execute queries in the language of the database.
  • See product page of an EAN13 on Amazon before association